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Servicing Lexington KY since 1989

TreeServiceLexingtonKY.Com take massive pride in the carrying out the successful Tree Service in Lexington KY time and again credits to the methods which we have devised to conduct this beautiful craft of arborist.

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About Total Tree Service

We are a certified group of “Tree Surgeons” who believe in catering the much-needed Lexington Tree Service. 

Our experts have tree erudition who facilitate several arborist services like Professional Tree Removal Services, Stump Grinding Services, Stump Removal Services, Tree Trimming Services, and Tree Pruning Services. Residents of of the city also consider us as a best local tree service companies in lexington.

Our Tree Services in Lexington KY

We want to give you the reason to trust us. You would need us when you’d want the Best Tree Service in Lexington KY. Here’s when you would love to reap the benefits of our arborist service:

Professional Tree Trimming Kentucky

Although we are emotionally attached to trees, situations like infected trees; dead trees; excessive tall and dangerous trees; dangling branches and long shrubs over the roofs of residence or office’s backyard compel us to remove the trees.

There could be hundreds of reasons for which you would have to get them removed. We also provide Emergency Tree Removal Services & Tree Debris Removal Service. You can find more info on these links.

Give us an opportunity for Tree Removal in Lexington KY. We will stand true to your expectations.

Tree Stump Grinding Lexington

The process of stump grinding reduces the stump in fine pieces to the pulp.

While stump removal deals with the menacing job of uprooting the trees, stump grinding is a much easier and lesser time-consuming task. 

You should go for this when you have less time and don’t want a hole in your lawn. 

Your reasons would necessitate the requirement of Stump Grinding in Lexington KY.

emergency tree service

The tree stumps kill the aesthetics of your lawn and yard scape. Apart from that, the stump can also spawn a new tree sprout leading to the birth of new trees. 

It also attracts insects like termites and beetles and can prove hazardous for kids running around. 

There’s no advantage of keeping the tree stumps in your yard, and you should trust our two-bits for the Stump Removal in Lexington KY.

tree service arborist lexington

Just as we trim to hint-up our beauty, you should rely on tree trimming services to make your landscape beautiful and uniform. 

Additionally, trimming the unhealthy parts can prevent from pandemic and comorbid infections and create a safe and healthy environment in your garden area. 

Tree trimming in Lexington KY is one of the most common services, and our arborist connoisseurs could assist with some of the best techniques.

Cheap Tree Removal Lexington

Trees like Juniper and Twisted trees in your lawn need strength to bear the hardest of the catastrophes. 

You can also minimize the danger of the dead branches as they tend to fall during calamities. 

Get availed with the tree pruning services in Lexington KY and tree cutting in Lexington KY give beauty and strength to your personal vegetation at your will.

Certified Arborist Professional

We also monitor, manage, and maintain the health of your ecological communities.

Every single step is based on the proper curation and reading of the trees by our qualified and trained arborists.

Before taking an action, they map a plan and generate the reports by paying attention to the minute details of trees. Give us an opportunity to serve you as Arborists in Lexington KY.

Tree Service Cost in Lexington KY

The cost of professional tree service vary depending on the number of trees, size of tree, age of tree, area where it is situated & host of other factors. We will be able to tell you the cost once we assess your situation, but we would certainly like to tell you that, we are one of the most affordable tree service company in Lexington KY.

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We are a combined force of elegant surgeons and brutal butchers. 

We take care of your living trees elegantly, and we chop the dead and infected ones brutally.

Tree Cutting With A Difference

The difference starts from our approach— the way we look at the arborist craft. For us, vegetation is the only imperative and everything around it (including us) plays the second fiddle. 

We are just a search away from Google while you search “tree service near me” or “tree service around me”.

Apart from it, here’s how we differ from the rest of the world:

Specialist & Qualified Staff

We are led by the qualified arborists who have different techniques to ascend into the trees. They specialize in more than one disciplines of arboriculture. Some expertise in diagnosing and treating the pests while some check the nutritional-deficiency and inject the right potion. The entire service process is nicely compartmentalized and every single arborist understands his role sincerely.

Affordable Firewood & Free Quotes

We offer our services at a nominal cost. Since there are multiple types of tree services in Lexington KY, all of them have their own estimates. We furnish the rough estimates for each one of them before advancing towards any action. This gives our customers a frame of budgetary mindset.

Top Business Tree Removal

We believe that technology is our crutch. So, periodically, we upgrade our tools (trimmers, cutters, ropes, grinders) and deploy groundbreaking stuff in our organization. We also train our staffs with the upgraded tools before they start working on a new project.

Fully Accredited Tree Cutting Solutions

We are a certified group by jurisdiction and are in compliance with the laws of the local council. Our idea is to stay relevant to the customers and the authorities at the same time.

Kentucky's Top Arborist Team

We believe in structuring the healthy and beautiful vegetation in Lexington KY. Our main objective is to equip all the gardens, lawns, and yards with the uniform landscape.

Your gardens and lawns are the fundamental bricks of our attractive society, and we want to be quick on our feet to maintain the divinity of our town.

We want to apply our knowledge of Tree Removal Services, Stump Grinding Services, Tree Trimming Services, Tree Pruning Services, Tree Cutting ServicesArborists Services and Stump Removal Services in Lexington KY so as to preserve our surrounding and make an exquisite environment.

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Total Tree Service Lexinton KY

We are a full-fledged tree service company based out of Lexington, Kentucky.  

With a enthusiasm of 25 years old & experience of 55 years old, we expertise in various tree services & scaling up very fast. 

Our qualified team of arborists & tree surgeons are our asset & essence to the list of satisfied clientele.

We also having needed licences & certifications to perform these services from appropriate government organisations of Lexington Kentucky.