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Servicing Lexington since 1989

TreeServiceLexingtonKY.Com take massive pride in the carrying out the successful Certified Arborist Service in Lexington KY time and again credits to the methods which we have devised to conduct this beautiful craft of arborist.

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“With every tree we plant, we plant trust, relationship, and credibility in the hearts of our clients.”

Our team at is known for giving the dedicated certified arborist service in Lexington KY for almost three decades now. Over the years, we have planted the seeds of trust, relationship, and credibility.

Lexington Arborists

The journey of our arborist work has been really beautiful till now, and we aspire the same for the coming years. We have toiled hard to be at this stage. Here’s how we have reached the pinnacle of our existence:

  1. We are certified by the jurisdiction: We laid our foundation after receiving the certified tag from the authorities. Till date, we are certified arborist service providers, and long to stay the same.
  2. We are in compliance with the law: We believe in the supremacy of the laws. We are a law-abiding company which intends to contribute to society by being honest with the system.
  3. We listen to the local council: Although we follow each and every regulation related to the legality of the tree service, on failing in the worst case, we listen to the recommendations by the local council and make the best effort to rectify our mistakes.
  4. We have deployed the best tree-mechanics: Our organization is spearheaded by the qualified tree-mechanics (arborists). They have the ability to assess the tree-life. Based on their readings, they make meticulous and non-impulsive decisions. Right from the commencement phase of our company, we have deployed educated and certified “tree surgeons” for several projects. Each entity expertise in their background, and have the tendency to monitor and take care of any type of vegetation.
  5. We possess present-day tools: One of the most noticeable aspects of our company— we possessed present day tools in the past, and we possess present day tools today. We stuff our arsenal with the new tools, machinery, kits, etc.

Certified Arborists in Lextington KY?

We perform well so as to stay aligned with our working ideology. We haven’t given birth to the working ideology, in fact, working ideology has given birth to us. It has given us a face value. And just as we have the face value, here is how our clients see us:

  • Trustable source: They trust us because they are assured that we don’t disappoint them. They trust us because they know that we won’t plummet them down.
  • Credible source: Being termed as the “credible source” is the best souvenir which we could get. And throughout our entirety, we have worked in a manner which has propelled our users to call us the credible source for tree services in Lexington Ky.
  • Prompt source: To give the tree services in Lexington ky, we have always been on our toes. Our ability to furnish the prompt solutions, 24*7 makes us a reliable source for tree services.

This is a shout-out to all our readers. We have met a great many people in our service-odyssey, but the Odyssey is incomplete without you. So, contact us to witness some of the finest certified services, and give gem value to your vegetation.

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About Us

We are a full-fledged tree service company based out of Lexington, Kentucky.  

With a enthusiasm of 25 years old & experience of 55 years old, we expertise in various tree services & scaling up very fast. 

Our qualified team of arborists & tree surgeons are our asset & essence to the list of satisfied clientele.

We also having needed licences & certifications to perform these services from appropriate government organisations of Lexington Kentucky.