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Servicing Lexington KY since 1989

TreeServiceLexingtonKY.Com take massive pride in the carrying out the successful Tree Removals Service in Lexington KY time and again credits to the methods which we have devised to conduct this beautiful craft of arborist.

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Additional Services

We want to offer our ears as quickly as we can. This is why we have an important segment in the form of additional services in our Tree Service Lexington KY set. This department does the following things:

Tree Stump Grinding Lexington

We work laboriously to get rid of your tree debris. We pick the pile of trees, branches, logs, shrubs, limbs, etc. at a brisk pace. All you have to do is to get in touch with our debris remedy team and the job will be done in a jiffy of a moment.

Emergency Removal Logo
Sometimes, situations like dangerously leaning trees invite an immediate tree removal in Lexington ky. You don’t have to migrate searching the perfect arborists for the job. We are here to give our hands in the toughest of the situations.

You can get the free estimates of the tree, debris, and emergency removals services prior to action. Get the best tree removal cost from our company.

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“Our love for the trees can’t be measured just by how many we plant, but also by how many dead and infectious ones we remove.”

Our team at believes in the above ideology thoroughly. We empower our customers to take strong-decisions regarding their trees on the residential and commercial properties.

Need of Tree Removal Service

Our team at believes in the above ideology thoroughly. We empower our customers to take strong-decisions regarding their trees on the residential and commercial properties.

We ask our customers to go for the Lexington Tree Removal if and only if the natural requisites are met:

  • No sign of life: When the tree is dead and has no potential life whatsoever.
  • Dying tree: When the tree is inching towards its end and indicates no mark of improvement.
  • Infectious tree: When the tree is diagnosed with un-treatable pests and infections.
  • Weaker roots: When the roots of the tree get weaker and are susceptible to falling down by natural calamities like floods, earthquake, and storms.

Tree Removals in Unnatural Condition

  • Dangling dangerously: When the dangling trees or leaning branches pose probable threats to the properties and life.
  • Disturbing the foundation: When the leaning trees disturb the foundation of your property.
  • Objects vision: When the hefty trees become the obstacle in your vision or scenery.
  • Constructing: When the trees sit right between the construction project.

There may be plenty of reasons for tree removal in Lexington KY, but our team emphasizes on “unique credo” of maintaining the right balance between planting the tree and removing the tree.

The three magical steps toward tree removal

  1. Tree reading and inspection: In the following step, our licensed professionals equipped with the latest tools like Steel Probe, Resistograph, Software, etc. inspect whether the tree has decayed, or grown with infection.
  2. Report generation: After inspecting every minute features of the tree, our officials generate the report and push advises to the concerned person.
  3. Safe and effective action: Once our officials get a nod from the concerned authority, they deliver the best tree removals service— quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Factors responsible for successful tree removal:

  1. Proficient arborists: We have qualified arborists who not only excel in scrutinizing the trees but also charts in giving the sound recommendation to the clients.
  2. The blend of technology: We have a set of correct tools which can help us in removing the trees successfully.
  3. Tree removal cost: This is one of the most important factors which affect the decision-making of our clients. We don’t come up with unimaginable numbers which would hit the pockets. We want to cater clinical services of tree removal in Lexington ky at affordable rates to everyone. So, the estimates for tree removal cost are pretty lower for everyone.
You may want to take a look at additional services like emergency tree removals & tree debris removal on the mentioned links.
It is our duty to protect you, your family, and your interest while we perform any tree service. We make sure that we accomplish the task in a smooth way.

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About Us

We are a full-fledged tree service company based out of Lexington, Kentucky.  

With a enthusiasm of 25 years old & experience of 55 years old, we expertise in various tree services & scaling up very fast. 

Our qualified team of arborists & tree surgeons are our asset & essence to the list of satisfied clientele.

We also having needed licences & certifications to perform these services from appropriate government organisations of Lexington Kentucky.