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Servicing Lexington since 1989

TreeServiceLexingtonKY.Com take massive pride in the carrying out the successful Emergency Tree Removal Service in Lexington KY as a sub service of Tree Removal Service Lexington KY time and again credits to the methods which we have devised to conduct this beautiful craft of arborist.

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“The quality of an organization is measured by its ability to deliver the result in short notice.”

The above quote stands true for Tree Service Lexington as we have always delivered the best result under pressure. The pressure of serving under extreme situations extracts the best out of our arborists.

Our emergency tree removal service is specially designed to lend a hand to those customers who are in a sudden need of our assistance. The emergency situations are handled by a bunch of officials who are trained to offer satisfactory aid in a quick time.

What does it cover?

Our emergency tree removals service covers situations like:

  • Sudden collapse: When the tree collapses suddenly in your backyard, commercial property, car, etc.
  • Sense danger: When you sense that the tree is about to fall and may prove disastrous to your property and life.
  • Immediate removals: When you want tree removal in Lexington despite no danger whatsoever.

What do we take care of?

In order to maintain the alignment between our work culture and ideology, we take care of the following points in the Emergency removal:

  1. We don’t fake promises: We accept the service orders only when we are aware of our strengths, i.e., our ability to manage the task.
  2. We don’t hurt the surrounding locality: Often, a thirst to complete the work quickly results in affecting the surrounding. We don’t do that. Instead, we conduct our procedure meticulously.
  3. We don’t overcharge: The tree removals cost for emergency tree removal in Lexington ky is reasonably priced. We don’t overcharge for an emergency situation.
You may also want to look at our Tree Debris Removals service in Lexington KY here.

Come heavy rain or high water, we want to bail you out of the emergency situation. Let our trained arborists get on board and resolve your issues smartly.

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About Us

We are a full-fledged tree service company based out of Lexington, Kentucky.  

With a enthusiasm of 25 years old & experience of 55 years old, we expertise in various tree services & scaling up very fast. 

Our qualified team of arborists & tree surgeons are our asset & essence to the list of satisfied clientele.

We also having needed licences & certifications to perform these services from appropriate government organisations of Lexington Kentucky.