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Servicing Lexington since 1989

TreeServiceLexingtonKY.Com take massive pride in the carrying out the successful Stump Grinding in Lexington KY time and again credits to the methods which we have devised to conduct this beautiful craft of arborist.

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“Our stump grinding service involves sublimation of massive stumps into fine particles.”

Once the tree removal is done, there is a confusing judgemental call on whether you want the existence of stump in your lawn or not. profess the idea of stump grinding once you have got your tree removed because the stump in the middle of your lawn, garden, and property adds no advantage to your area. 

We are also into related service such as stump removal service in Lexginton KY. You can follow this link & get more information to understand our service on stump removal. Also, Tree Service Lexington KY is reachable here too.

Stump Grinding Need & Importance

Stumps add no value to your lawn. If you still want the reasons for stump grinding, then don’t worry! We are here to give you that. Roll your eyeballs through these key points for which you should switch to stump grinding:

  1. A chink in your beauty armor: A stump in your property or lawn area is nothing but a chink in your landscape. The stump site is pretty repelling and to make your area free of such chinks, all you need is a stump grinding service.
  2. When you don’t need a hole: Generally, stump removal leads to the uprooting of the tree causing a pit in the ground. The pit would definitely tamper the beauty of your landscape and can be menacing. So, stump grinding service is a nicer way to ensure safety and beauty together.
  3. When it is risky: The stump in your lawn can prove to be risky if anyone trip into it. Your job is to create a safe and peaceful environment for your kids, neighbors, and guests in your vegetation. Carelessness comes with danger.
  4. When you don’t want to trouble your mower: Our gardens need maintenance. There is a possibility that your mower bumps into the stump. This could well-trouble your machine and halt the further process.

Stump Grinding Reasons

We advocate stump grinding in Lexington KY after you get your tree removed because of the following reasons:

  1. It is easy to perform: The steps for enacting the stump grinding are very easy. We install large grinding tractors to reduce the massive stump into finer particles.
  2. It doesn’t take time: The grinding process is relatively simpler than stump removal. What could be better than a process which levels the stump in less time?
  3. Stump grinding cost: Our estimate is our pride, and history is its proof. Our tree service and stump grinding cost have been very low ever since we started, and we continue to have the most affordable quotes for our clients.

If you want the free estimates for the stump grinding cost in Lexington KY, feel free to hit the dial-pad.

Our Stump Grinding Service Process

We send our skilled staff for any tree service. They act as the professional help for any kind of stump grinding service Lexington area and provide necessary advice. Once the concerned client nods yes, they slip into the working mode and continue to do until the job is finished.

We have special offers for high volume orders. If you want a lot of stump grinding for levelling up the land, we are more than happy to be in your service. If you still don’t trust us, then get the free stump grinding cost estimate and let your discretion decide the rest.

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About Us

We are a full-fledged tree service company based out of Lexington, Kentucky.  

With a enthusiasm of 25 years old & experience of 55 years old, we expertise in various tree services & scaling up very fast. 

Our qualified team of arborists & tree surgeons are our asset & essence to the list of satisfied clientele.

We also having needed licences & certifications to perform these services from appropriate government organisations of Lexington Kentucky.