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Servicing Lexington since 1989

TreeServiceLexingtonKY.Com take massive pride in the carrying out the successful Tree Cutting Service in Lexington KY , Tree Pruning Service & Tree Cutting Service, time and again credits to the methods which we have devised to conduct this beautiful craft of arborist.

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“To judge the expertise of any tree service company, check its record of trimming and pruning craft.”

Our team at believes in the above ideology thoroughly. Tree trimming or pruning is like setting up your hairstyle. It’s not just a five finger job. You will have to invest your brains in styling the tree, take concrete steps wisely, and ensure that your work looks beautiful.

Lexington Tree Service Company have mastered the art of trimming, pruning, and cutting the trees. In fact, Tree cutting in Lexington KY is the face value of our craftsmanship and work. It endorses our brand and the arborists associated with it.

Need of Tree Trimming & Tree Trimmers in Lexington

Whether it is tree trimming service, tree pruning service, or tree cutting service; they are fundamentally orchestrated to enhance the aesthetic score of your property. Apart from the obvious reason, there are few other cases which should incite you to go for Tree Trimming in Lexington KY:

  1.  When you want to create a healthy environment for your tree by removing the unhealthy leaves, dead parts, or rotten products.
  2. When you want to safeguard your tree from the infectious microbes.

Need of Tree Pruning & Tree Cutting

Like trimming, Tree Pruning in Lexington area is vastly needed. Apart from projecting scenic beauty, you would want to prune your tree when:

  1. you want to help the growth of the tree.
  2. you wish to increase the fruit production.
  3. you want to get rid of perilous branches.
  4. you want to make your tree free of diseases.
You may also want to check more details on Tree Removal Service in Lexington KY, it’s available here.

The stages for successful tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree cutting

Our company gives the final shape to the trees and plants by performing a series of steps. They are:

  1. Visual and technical inspection: The trained representatives inspect the site using technology and methodical calculations for trimming, pruning, and cutting.
  2. Spawn the detailed report: Based on the inference, our executives generate the reports (if required) and draft the appropriate methods and requirements.
  3. The final touch-up: In this stage, the arborists finally give the final touch to the trees and make your lawn worth noticing.

Supporting Qualified Staff for Tree Cutting

  1. Trained arborists: We deploy certified and qualified arborists to your site. Their job is to serve the best of lexington tree pruning 
  2. Latest gizmos: We don’t cling to the old methods and tools for tree trimming in Lexington ky. We upgrade our tools and introduce new methods expeditiously.
If you are interested in Tree Removal in Lexington KY, you can access more information here.

Cost for the Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning Services in Lexginton KY

We give you the most interesting quotes for tree trimming and pruning. You’d be impressed by our tree trimmers service cost once you request for the estimates.

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About Us

We are a full-fledged tree service company based out of Lexington, Kentucky.  

With a enthusiasm of 25 years old & experience of 55 years old, we expertise in various tree services & scaling up very fast. 

Our qualified team of arborists & tree surgeons are our asset & essence to the list of satisfied clientele.

We also having needed licences & certifications to perform these services from appropriate government organisations of Lexington Kentucky.